Food industry

At Pini Franco LLP, we proudly serve as legal advocates for the vibrant and diverse food industry, with a particular emphasis on the rich tapestry of Italian cuisine. Our commitment to excellence in the field of food law positions us as trusted advisors to businesses navigating the unique challenges and opportunities within this dynamic sector.  We pay great attention to emerging trends and new legal assistance and services in the field of food law.

Pini Franco’s professionals make their expertise available to all market players, at every stage of the food and distribution chain, and pay particular attention to the protection of “made in Italy” excellence.  Our appreciation for the culinary artistry of Italian cuisine fuels our commitment to supporting businesses that bring the authentic flavours of Italy to the global stage. Whether you are a restaurateur, importer, distributor, or producer, our team understands the nuances of working with Italian food products and is well-equipped to address the legal intricacies associated with this beloved culinary tradition.

Clients are supported and guided, according to their specific business needs, both in traditional markets and in the most innovative channels, such as web, media and new technologies. From regulatory compliance to intellectual property protection, we offer legal guidance that safeguards the interests of businesses operating in the ever-evolving food market.

As the food industry becomes increasingly globalised, Pini Franco LLP offers insights into international trade, helping clients expand their presence in the global market. Our firm’s understanding of both English and Italian legal frameworks uniquely positions us to facilitate cross-border activities, fostering growth and partnerships in the international culinary arena.

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