Private Client

Pini Franco has significant experience of guiding individuals and their families (particularly those who are not UK nationals) through their tax and personal affairs which may include questions of tax residence, domicile, inheritance and property.

The most common questions we deal with are:

  • Am I resident, domiciled or non-domiciled in the UK for tax purposes?
  • How does my tax status affect me?
  • Will inheritance tax apply to my foreign property?
  • What does deemed domicile mean?
  • Can I make a gift of my UK property to my children and will this reduce inheritance tax?
  • Can I transfer money to my account in the UK without being taxed?
  • What happens if I leave the UK to return to my country of origin?
  • Should I make a Will for my UK property?
  • Should I set up a trust for my family?
  • Can I reduce any Inheritance tax that my estate may have to pay?
  • How should I buy my house in the UK?
  • Should I use a company to invest in property and what type of company?
  • I have property both in the UK and other countries how does this affect my Will?
  • I am on temporary secondment to the UK how does this affect tax status both in the UK and my country of origin?
  • I have a foreign pension sent to me in the UK, am I entitled to any tax relief?

Out private client team supports our clients in arranging their affairs in order to make provision for their families, which can be done by looking at their individual circumstances and suggesting what can be achieved through drafting Wills, family trusts, life and estate planning. If this is done in sufficient time it may be possible to secure certain benefits for the client and their family.

During the difficult period following bereavement, we also support our clients and their families with the difficult business of dealing with a deceased's estate through the preparation of the necessary documents to obtain probate for the estate and the relevant tax returns.

Pini Franco is a full service law firm. Our team are leaders in their respective fields and able to assist with all your commercial or individual needs.


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