Dispute Resolution

Pini Franco has considerable experience in assisting our clients in international litigation.

Our Dispute Resolution team can assist in respect of a wide range of legal problems for both individuals and businesses.

Experience shows that addressing and managing disputes earlier mitigates escalation of the dispute and is more likely to engender an environment to focus on the difficulties experienced and move towards a satisfactory and early resolution.

If litigation must be used, then our team handles cases from start to finish - including the drafting of pleadings, interviewing and taking witness statements, assessing and gathering of evidence, advising on merits, and representation in courts, arbitrations, mediations and tribunals.

Pini Franco can help clients to navigate the complex nature of litigation proceedings and ensure that their litigation is handled in the manner most suitable to a speedy and cost effective resolution whilst at the same time ensuring that their legal rights are fully promoted. Members of our team have excellent advocacy skills and we are able to deliver our services quickly, efficiently and vigorously.

Our recent experience includes:

  • Successfully defending a claim for breach of contract on behalf of a multinational company.
  • Insolvency litigation involving both company liquidation and personal bankruptcy matters.
  • Commercial Arbitration involving a very substantial international sale of goods between overseas multinationals.
  • International bills of exchange/fraud involving four international jurisdictions.
  • A case of alleged negligent mis-selling of a “Ponzi” type investment.
  • Possession proceedings.

Pini Franco is a full service law firm. Our team are leaders in their respective fields and able to assist with all your commercial or individual needs.


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